Although not on the scale of Abbey Road, Red Herring Audio offers some high quality recording and editing services from its Essex studio.


Vocal demos. Bring your own tracks or have RHA produce your own bespoke tracks

Audio Editing

Need a piece of music speeded up or slowed down? Want to cut out or repeat a section? We provide state-of-the-art digital editing

Live DRUMS recording

Nothing beats real live drums played by a great drummer and its easy to get them on your own tracks. Here’s how it works:

You send us your guide track (on CD or audio file) or even just a tempo/feel and structure guide. Our experienced session drummer plays along to your guide track and we send you the live drum tracks (on CD or as audio files). Use the dry, unprocessed tracks or use the fully mixed, processed tracks, separately or as a stereo mix, its up to you.

Wedding Gift CDs

What better gift for your loved one on your big day – a CD of your special song, or first dance, sung by YOU

visit our samples pages to hear what we can do for you

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