demo package

“There’s a song in everyone…”

The Songwriter’s Package is a service that enables anyone to turn words and melodic ideas into music

At Red Herring Audio we can turn the simplest idea into a high quality, fully produced track. Be it a complete topline melody and chords or just a few bars hummed into a dictaphone, anything is possible. But not every songwriter is a brilliant singer, or musician:

Can’t sing?

We have loads of great session singers who can sing your song for you

Can’t play?

Our producer can create and record all the instruments imaginable

Can’t write music?

Just sing the melody and we’ll write the music around it

(Writing credits are then split 50/50)

How it works

1. The songwriter provides a recording of their vocal melody/demo.  It doesn’t matter how poor the quality is as long as the melody can be heard clearly.   If this is not possible the songwriter may come to the studio to record their vocal melody.

2. We discuss how you want the track to sound.  What style, feel, or particular singer/artist you would like it to sound like, as well as song structure.

3. The producer starts arranging the instrumental parts and gets a basic rhythm track happening.

4. When the songwriter is happy with the style and sound of the track further instruments are layered and recorded to complete the backing track.

5. Vocal recording takes place, either by the songwriter or session singer.

6. Mixing and mastering to produce the final CD.

Our unique “Quality Control” system: At regular points in the production progress sample tracks are posted to the website client area for the artist to listen to online and comment on to ensure that the song is always going in the right direction.


Check out our selection of before and after samples on our Songwriter’s Demos page.

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