Hansel & Gretel – Rehearsal tracks

Witch Sting ** New **
Classic Sting
Elvin’s Gliss
Dee Dum Tish Drum fill

Dots to all songs HERE

#01 String Along A Puppet Jingle with vocals
#05 The Beginning, Middle and End – in D with melody guide
#06 Chord Into Magical Underscore
#08 The Story Of Rico – in G with melody guide
#09 Into the Woods
#14 Travel On – in Eb with melody guide
#15 A Journey Through The Woods
#19 The House Of Delicious Things – in Ab with melody guide
#21 I Am A Very Lonely Man – in C#m with guide vocal (wrong words). Underscore will probably need extending
#22 I’m Ginger – in Eb with melody guide
#23 I’m Ginger REPRISE – in Eb with melody guide
#23A No Place Like Home – Link
#24 Happy Ever After – in F with melody guide
#25 Calls – instrumental 1st time, sung 2nd time

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